Thursday, 23 January 2014

Style rules you SHOULD break

How does the saying go? Rules were meant to be broken? That's right, in every aspect of our lives, we should be breaking rules, especially when it comes to fashion and this sure will help for those days you don't know what to wear.  Fashion is great, because you can revise how you perceive it to be and you will still look great.

Mix your metals

Don't be afraid of mixing your metals, it's no longer a no-no to mix your silvers and golds and all of those pretty metals, thank goodness fashion likes to break it's own rules, right?  This is a trend that will outlive us all.


Sneakers is comfort. Point.

Relax, I never said sneakers are sloppy, give your feet a little rest every once in a while, you won't be sorry.  Perhaps you should ditch the socks though.  Keep the look simple by pairing it with a coat and leggings.

Blue and Black

They said navy blue is the new black, but these two colors said: "hey, why not work together?" and the rest of the fashion world said YES! It may be blue and black, but this trend is not hurting anyone.  These two colors looks fiercely great on almost anyone. Combing blue with black breaks the blue a bit which makes it more wearable and a tad bit less intense.  All and all, this is a very flattering look.

Sequins in daytime

Not just for night time, you may ask.  Well, no, sequins works great for daylight too, but only if you keep it on the down-low.  Don't go all out sequins though, you might just turn out looking like a disco ball and blind a few people, but adding a bit of this sparkly embellishment makes almost any outfit look chic and stylish.  Mix a sequins piece with simple separates and you'll look great.

Head-to-toe Denim

Denim really is an ageless apparel, and they said mixing it is a complete fashion no-no.  Well, I say differently, if you play up this look the right way, you'll look edgy and effortlessly chic, now who doesn't want that?  If you're a beginner at this trend, try mixing different shades of denim.

Mixing prints and patterns

Deep breath in, and then out. This is one of the fashion world's most riskiest trends, but if you get it right, you'll look like a knockout.  Don't stick with the same color family, you need of the prints to act as a neutral.  The more prints and patterns you want to combine, the more skill it requires, so watch out ladies, this is very tricky.

Clutches in the daylight

Don't pack away your your bulky bags (can't imagine even doing so!), but there is a small little thing you should carry around with you, it's the clutch and carry it around with you during the day. Yes, the nighttime trend has now gone daylight, at every fashion week lately, style icons and fashionistas are seen ditching the bulky bag for a pretty little clutch. It looks great with all outfits, get a colorful clutch to make a statement.

Wearing one shade head-to-toe

This is a really slimming look, so try stick with that idea, it's supposed to make you look slimmer. Don't drive yourself crazy either to find the same colors to fit, although it looks incredible, you're really going to struggle to find the exact same color outfit.  Have some fun with accessories as well and play up the monochrome a bit.

Wear white whenever you like

White is such a pretty and flattering color, no wonder they say it's just for labor day.  You'll be a breath of fresh air between a crowd of black dresses.  To wear white after labor day is not taboo anymore, seriously, this was a rule which was always meant to be broken.

Turtlenecks is for everyone

This was probably one of the most frowned upon trends in the fashion world, hint, it WAS the most frowned upon, but lately designers everywhere are saving this top.  The classic staple has looked great on the necks of many style icons, and I know what you're thinking, "what is this person thinking?!" but just have a look at how you can style the turtleneck.

Sheer your skin

This really is an alluring alternative to exposed skin.  Sheer clothes is not only rule to break, but a difficult one to perfect.  Do it right and you'll look like a million dollars. This really is the year of the sheer, but be smart on how to wear it.


More is always more!

Once upon a time there was a person who said that less is more, now we'll never know who this person might have been, but uh, they have no idea how wrong they were.  Throw on as much jewelry as you can and you'll look like a glamour knockout! 

Sweatpants with heels

Don't let the slouchy style fool you now, the sweatpants can be worn anywhere depending on what you pair them with.  This trend is also called the sporty luxe trend, it's actually been quite popular the last few months, mixing glam with the sports.  I love it.

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