Tuesday, 18 February 2014

10 Chic ways to wear a white tee

Nothing is as versatile as a classic white tee, it may not be super expensive or designed by a top designer, but there are so many ways to wear it. We all own one, we've all wondered how to make it look chic and stylish, but I've made a list which inspires a few white tee outfit which will definitely make it easier for you.

Here are 10 ways to wear a white tee:

Pair it with a colorful skirt and you'll be bound to have a ultra chic outfit. Perfect for a day out to look lavish yet casual and not too overdressed.

This is exactly how to play down a fur/vintage coat.  Sometimes you need just one statement piece to look great, but sometimes you need that one piece to play it down, that's where the white tee comes in.

Swap your button down shirt with a white tee to achieve a more timeless and edgy look. Also pair it with some sneakers and a statement clutch like demonstrated above. I really like this outfit.

Play those colorful pants down with a white tee and you'll be sure to look ultra stylish. Pair it with a cropped jacket and you won't be disappointed.

A classic blazer, jeans and heels is probably the best way to wear the white tee. Definitely my favorite.

I think we've all owned a military jacket, and some of us still do and now you can be smile, because not only are they trendy and give you that little bit of extra edge, you can pair them with a white tee and pull it off for sure.

Combine an all leather look with a white tee and some sneakers to achieve a hip and stylish look.

This is also one of my favorite, and denim is really trendy and has been for a few seasons now, but combining it with a lace skirt is so chic and it will definitely give an outfit that needed feminine touch. You can also be super creative with this and throw on some colorful accessories too.

Of course, we cannot forget the shorts. A white tee goes so well with almost any shorts, and the above picture really demonstrates a great way of wearing it with more edge, she added a black blazer to her outfit and some white shoes and accessories. This is a great monochrome outfit, but remember, you can wear a white tee with any shorts.

Keeping an all white outfit simple and not too 'after-labor-day' is pretty easy to achieve with a white tee and some white shaded pants like demonstrated above. The shoes also work very well with skinny pants and adding that same hue to the belt is also a chic touch, but a big bulky handbag would be good with this.