Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fashion Roundup: 2013 Street Style Trends.

The Biggest Street Style Trends Of 2014

by Kim Brooks

The streets are a runway of it's own when it comes to fashion week, this is where us ladies go to find inspiration for our own personal style.  Wherever it may be, people are styling it up, creating style trends everywhere.  I've rounded up a list of the top street style trends of 2014.

1.  Sporty Chic Sweatshirt

Fashionistas everywhere just really don't seem to get enough of the sweatshirt.  Since it was seen on the runways of Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and so many more, we have been seeing everywhere.  This trend really is just as chic as it is comfortable.

2.  Biker Jacket

Spice up the biker look by swapping the leather with a raw, rock 'n roll studded denim jacket and you'll be sure to make a positive statement.

3. Fifty Shades of Blue

Blue is great, you can literally wear it from head to toe and balance it out with a silver clutch bag or neon shoes. 

3.  White Heels

White heels adds a really classy, chic look to any outfit.   Definitely investing in a pair, or ten.

4.  There's an animal in all of us

Every woman loves to be a fierce, wild vixen.  This trend is so good, it's pulled through since the cave dwelling times.

5.  Sheer Gear

That rounds it off, these are the top 5 street style trends of 2014.